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In 1980, about diet, popular periodicals would suggest that “thinking nothing.” They were not prepared to explain how it was, but everyone knew what to do. The internalization of the psychology of thin person, so it was. A logical extension of this idea would be that if you want to be rich, you would be able to achieve this goal by establishing the psychology of the rich, right? In fact this is true. In particular, the mentality of real estate investor.

Meets real estate investors see the world through a lens of opportunists. They always have their antennae up and ready. Placed in the way of information. “Walk the Walk” of property investors, so to speak. And because of this behavior, you realize things.

Ken McElroy, author of The ABCs of Real Estate Investment, part of the series Rich Dad, Poor Dad says it is for all employers in the account. If you look at enough properties, some areas to explore, talk to people enough, McElroy says, you start to notice these patterns. Then things begin to change. You start to feel better luck. And, says McElroy, could be happiness, but it is a kind of happiness that comes with hard work and preparation.

Do not forget:. “Fortune favors the prepared mind” for profit opportunities are everywhere around us, but if we are blind to it, it seems that doesn t ‘exists. The prepared mind recognizes the opportunity.

Ken McElroy stressed repeatedly that success in real estate is a process. That is not just an event that occurs immediately. It’s something you can do every day. Over time, things start to happen for you.

A person who has successfully focused on doing a little at a time, learning of this or that, or a particular treatment. This is a “walk before you crawl” proposition.

For example, McElroy says that if you have found a good deal, you can get the necessary resources, because others inevitably will want a piece of the action. That would not necessarily have the negotiating business, McElroy said. It is clear that these skills are sometimes more favorable contract, but you have to worry about if you look at the negotiations. Focus on finding good deals.

While investors are constantly at risk in the light, always aware of it, successful investors are not afraid of him. They decide if the risk seems reasonable. If the numbers add up, said McElroy, is a good thing. If it is a good thing, is the real estate savvy investor continue.


People who do not understand how to evaluate precisely the risk would think that any type of surgery is very risky. They assume, for example, that a broader agreement that the high risk for a beginner to handle the media. They assume that because they think that the investor has many of its own capital in the tender, when in reality it is much bigger for you? Greater benefits for the participants to generate. For this reason, you may be able to obtain support for this type of agreement. In the end, not the victim of his own money to run a small operation.

Real estate investing is just like anything else you want to learn to do. On one hand you have to learn how. And you learn by doing. Stop looking at the properties. Excursions to the cities if they go? Purchase. Go online and educate yourself about the areas. Check out what others have said about real estate in an area. Meet people. Soon you will have learned enough to start treating a deal. Do not have a wad of cash available before the game. All you have to do is go out and enjoy the world. Everything that comes with time.


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