What Syaitan Asked from Allah..

As-salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah…… Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim…

Abu Umama narrated that the Prophet said, “When Iblees had descended to the earth.
He said, ‘O Lord! You made me descend to the earth and You made me an outcast, appoint for me a home.’
Allah said, ‘It is the bathrooms.’

He said, ‘Make me an assembly (gatherings).’

 Allah said, ‘Markets and shopping places.’

Shaytan asked again,  Assign for me food.’
And Allah said, ‘Every food on which the Name of Allah has not been mentioned (pronounced).’

 He said, ‘Decide for me a drink.’
Allah said, ‘Wine (intoxicants).’  
He said, ‘Appoint me a caller (an announcer).’
Allah said, ‘It is musical instruments.’
He said, ‘Make for me a quran.’
Allah said, ‘Poetry.’
He said, ‘Decide for me a writing.’
Allah said, ‘Tattooing.’
Shaytan said, ‘Assign me a discourse (talk/chat).’
Allah said, ‘Lying.’
Then he said, ‘Appoint for me messenger.’
Allah said, ‘The fortunetellers and soothsayers.’
Shaytan said, ‘Decide for me a hunting means with which I can hunt (trap).’
Allah said, ‘Women.’

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